@owl I do get the impression it helps to live somewhere the temperatures match the Fahrenheit range


terrible idea 

@ghost_bird @owl
We should have temperature zones just like we have time zones!

The temperature for the place where you live is scaled from 0 to 100 based on the average highs and lows.

For example, in Copenhagen, the temperature zone would be 0° == 0C and 100° == 25C.

In Phoenix, the temperature zone would be 0° == 25C and 100° == 45C.

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terrible idea 

@Tak @owl This is a genuinely terrible idea and I love it

terrible idea 

@Tak @ghost_bird @owl

In Helsinki it would be between 0°C == -20°C and and 100°C == +30°C, what a terrible scale :')

Makes as much sense to me as Fahrenheit, I'm so used to 100°C for boiling water and 0°C for freezing water, it's difficult to think in any other terms
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