why is this a hot webdev take 

URLs good

why is this a hot webdev take 

hiding URLs from the user may look much cleaner but only because the corporate web loves making their URLs incomprehensible by tacking on a disgusting amount of query params for tracking and other purposes, as well as just not having good site architectures

why is this a hot webdev take 

it pains me to say this but YouTube is a very good example of what to actually do (excepting the prohibitively long gibberish base64 channel names). people know how to just edit a URL to make it start at a time, or set it to HQ in the old days with &fmt=18

why is this a hot webdev take 

watch. google is going to start doing the AMP thing on desktop where google is serving the page and tracking -every last click- but it LOOKS like you're on the actual site you wanna go

stop using chrome, at least use firefox which only passively antagonizes you in easily controllable ways

pitching firefox to the mastodon furry community: look it's uh, it's like chrome but it has a fursona,, and uh,,,,,


@bclindner The Official Browser of snouts.online*

* At the time of this post, not actually the official browser of snouts.online

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