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I documented and published my annotation site code for anyone who wants to reuse it:


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polyglot.city closing down 

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not up to keeping polyglot.city running any more.

The cost of hosting is quadrupling, which either requires me to organize ongoing fundraising to cover the extra costs or to migrate the instance to another host. I have no capacity to do either in my current stress and mental situation.

Thus polyglot.city will close down on 31/10/2022.


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There’s been like 10 new GoToSocial instances created per month for the last six months or something. Wild!

L has just experienced their first Endgame Fakeout (Super Mario 3D World), and they are not happy about it

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re: haiku the robot achievement 

this is a lovely little platformer-adventure game, and this achievement is rewarded for not picking up the (technically optional) first item, which lets you heal with spare parts you collect from enemies

normally I would say that no-heal challenges for games like this are way too challenging for the average player, but, I really think it's quite approachable in this game, and it's very fun

I also gave a review of this fun game, if you want to check it out and maybe buy it yourself! steamcommunity.com/id/ltdk_/re

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The 2022 Ditmar Awards were presented this evening. I'm very pleased to have a new trophy to add to the brag shelf.

Thank you to those that voted for me and congratulations to the other winners and nominees.


"What if we made our own twitter"
*big toke*

*release* "on the blockchain"

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Huge announcement!!

I've been working on this for the past 5 months now and I'm really really happy to announce that AN TIONSCADAL DROMCHLA EXHIBITION 00 is opening next week!!!!

There will be zines available for purchase from the A4 Sounds website and a web version of the collection will launch alongside the exhibition!

If you can't make opening night, the show will be running for all of October and it's free entry, so do pop in if you can.

There will also be an album releasing on bandcamp to coincide the launch.


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:artpeek: Very, very happy to announce I'm painting the cover for the amazing @vicorva's second Tombtown book, The Beautiful Decay!

Some hints... 💀🍄🐈

Go, go follow them for they are a stellar writer and person :D

So tired of downloading game demos that are tens of GB when they use 1% of the game's assets

🎶 Everybody knows that postin' doesn't pay
so we go home poor at the end of the day 🎶

The story arc at the start of PJ Masks season 4 is really freaking out my five year old

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so i have decided to make my short story The Deadly Laptop available for free! this is a permanent change for this story going forward because i just want people to read it.

if you like it and want to support me, feel free to make a donation on itchio or via paypal.me/gamerswift13!

if you download via itchio, it will suggest a donation but you can just skip that step. please feel free to hit me up if you have any trouble!



:boost_ok:​ Can anyone recommend a nonprofit, or a company doing things that are beneficial for society, who's hiring software engineers in europe?

Today I learned that there's a ligature for ~@

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