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Hi, I'm Levi.

Professionally, I'm a developer for a popular game engine. (See @Tak )

Unprofessionally, I erratically contribute to pieces of free software (including and ), read novels, play video games, and try to productively stimulate/encourage my two young children.

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Thinking about how the popular kids' show Chip & Potato is about a little kid whose life is entirely ruled by the crippling anxiety that other people will find out about her Important Secret, and the difficulties of hiding that secret in a variety of situations

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I think we should simply not have advertisements

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Iconoclasts is a fun, indie puzzle platformer rpg with metroidvania elements.

The main player character is a mechanic, so most of the forward progress in the game is made by finding the right bolt to crank, the right node to electrify, or the right method for temporarily cranking and/or electrifying the necessary sequence of things before their timers run out and they revert.

The story is both fun (there are multiple goofy cults) and tragically close to home (they're physically destroying their world, but the only group taking the problem seriously is accelerating the world's destruction to build escape pods for the elite).

There are plenty of boss fights, and on the standard difficulty, I had to retry most of them once or twice.

My only real complaint about the game is the pacing – the story starts ratcheting up the tension for the climax at about the 75% mark, which means about three hours of emotionally exhausting gameplay.

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pinephone for sale, boosts appreciated 

I recently bought the PMOS PinePhone (3gb edition + dock) edition but I greatly overestimated the time I'd have to hack around with it and I don't want it to just sit around unused.

I literally used the phone twice for like 5 minutes and haven't since so it's pretty much still new. it cost me $200 + $25 shipping. I'm asking for $180 + shipping

#pinephone :boost_ok:

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The only reason I miss being on Twitter is getting my hands on reading material about racism *in Europe*. Race discourse is so US-centric here I often feel like it's interesting to study and reflect on but doesn't really get me anywhere in terms of becoming a better anti-racist in my offline life.

My one-year-old's new favorite game is squeezing their eyes shut and staggering around the room banging into things

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I … was not expecting that

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Do you have time for a word about our lord and

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What makes app developers think that people want random notifications from apps they're not even using?

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Well… all right, if that's what it takes…

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